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Welcome to <FLO>
Flourish <FLO> is a guild dedicated to creating a helpful, friendly and more enjoyable playing environment for all on the SWGEmu Basilisk server. We are committed to building a strong community, both internally and more broadly across the server. We achieve this goal in a number of important ways:

  • organizing server and guild events
  • providing buffing & solo-group services
  • running grinding academies for entertainers and medics
  • maintaining numerous cities, serving a variety of needs
  • assisting new and returning players
  • fostering a strong, friendly, helpful and mature community

Members of Flourish are more than just guild members. We are participants in an effort to better the SWGEmu experience in a grand manner. We strive to think and act beyond ourselves, and are always looking for like-minded individuals to help us further our mission. Whether it be skill training, group performing, hanging out, roleplaying, resource gathering, a guild hunt, or a server event we are here to help and create a fun and enjoyable playing environment.

The guild was originally centered around entertainers based in Theed and their alts. We have grown much from our humble beginnings. No longer are we strictly entertainer focused or Naboo-centric. While entertainers are no longer the common thread that runs throughout, the focus on social and community-minded game play is at the heart of Flourish.

We are open to all sorts of characters, be they Entertainers, Crafters, Combat-orientated, or roleplayed. All friendly, helpful, and mature people are welcome regardless of character focus or faction. Our friendships always come first.

Our beautifully decorated guild hall is located along the western shore of the east lake in Temenos Island and is available for guild members to use at all times. Flourish is also the primary occupant of six cities: Temenos Island, Naboo; Fanfar, Dantooine; Dantooine Academy, Dantooine; Polyandrium, Tatooine; Serenity, Tatooine; and Gorath, Tatooine. Flourish is also closely aligned with the city of DunRoamin on Rori.

Temenos Island is a small fishing village located in the Lake District of central Naboo. A recent tourist boom has led to an increase in vacation homes and small boutique shops interspersed among the older fishing cottages. The small village is transforming from a run-down fishing outpost to a fancy resort for the Nabooian elite, and has been designated a "Research Center" by the Royal Government. Custom artisan shops, comfy bed and breakfasts, and small cottage industries are beginning to sprout up around the city. Relaxation, boutique shopping, and the enjoyment of all Nabooian culture has to offer is just waiting to be had in Temenos Island.

The "Jewel of Dantooine," Fanfar is located on the plains of Dantooine just west of the Agro Outpost. From humble beginings, Fanfar has grown into a metropolis with a friendly spirit. The city is master planned to afford the maximum in comfort, convenience and beauty. Doctor and Entertainer buffs can be found just about any time of day, as can a solo-group. Mission terminals are interspersed throughout this improved job market, and many centrally-located vendors are a perfect place to find whatever you may be in need of.

Dantooine Academy is located just over 1000 meters north of Fanfar and is home to "The Daily Grind," a cantina that hosted our first grinding academy that has since been retired. It is also an "improved job market," which makes it ideal for running missions back and forth with Fanfar. Dantooine Academy boasts many amenities for adventurers of all types and is situated close to the Warren for easy travel to and from this important POI.

Polyandrium is the "Gateway to the Krayt Graveyard" on Tatooine. Ideally located in a scenic valley just south of the graveyard, the city offers adventurers everything they need -- doctor buffs, entertainer buffs, and a burgeoning trade in hunting supplies. Master-planned to emphasize the inherent dessert beauty, Polyandrium is an oasis of calm in a dangerous and hostile environment.

Serenity on Tatooine is "The Crafters Paradise." Situated close to the bustling metropolis of Polyandrium, Serenity merchants have a quick and convenient outlet for their goods and a burgeoning trade market has developed in the northeast corner of Tatooine. Serenity still maintains that small town feel with workshops full of industrious crafters and tinkerers. Come evening, residents and visitors alike gather in the local cantina, The Jumpin' Jawa, to share drinks and stories of the day’s events. Serentiy has been master planned to afford its citizens comfort and beauty, offering a much needed break from the normal hustle and bustle of city life.

Gorath is a bustling center of trade and entertainment on Tatooine. Host to the famous Fiirefly Fashion Shows, city parties and server events, the city is a draw to entertainers, crafters, and those seeking their offerings. The Baby Bantha Cantina is home to the Gorath Academy for up-and-coming entertainers and medics alike. The city boasts a Wedding Chapel, crafting house, and public performance area in City Hall. Designated a “Research Center” by the Imperial Overseeer, Gorath crafters enjoy the special privileges that rank brings.

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