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Guild Information

[Pinned] Flourish Leadership

Current as of 10 May 2018:< Co-Leaders >Aerea (F)/Eyce (F)/Raheea (F)/Takuu (F)/Exolla (O)/Imzi (O)/Noji (O)/Rahdah (O)/Teki (O)/Alpine (F)/Ansgar (F)/Schuyler (F)/Shuggie (F)/Aptus (O)/Jainie (O)/Rous (O)/Sarpedon (O)/Ismea (F)/Izzmea (F)/T...
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Guild Information

FLO Guild Crafter Contacts

Hiya FLO!As you may or may not know, we send a barrage of guild information to new members when they are accepted to the guild via in-game mail. This includes the member list, a welcome email, info on storage houses and guild cities, upcoming even...
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Guild Information

FLO Guild Storage Houses

We have a number of houses in guild cities to serve as guild storage houses. Everyone in the guild has admin rights on these houses, and we can use them to share items and resources among ourselves. To donate items and resources you think might be...
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Guild Information

Activity Policy

Flourish is a large and popular guild. On average we receive 1-2 applications for membership a day. While we'd love to provide a community to all like-minded players, unfortunately, due to game mechanic restrictions we are limited to 500 characte...
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Guild Information

FLO Voice and Chat Channels

We have a Discord channel for voice chat. It also has text chat, text-to-speech, and is available as an app on any device. This can be accessed by clicking on the link on to join once you are signed into the website. See below for a...
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Guild Information

FLO Cities & How to Place a House

Now that you are a part of the guild, you may be wondering how to place a house in one of our fine cities or declare residence.Flourish is the primary occupant of seven cities: Temenos Island, Naboo; Elysium, Naboo; Fanfar, Dantooine; Dantooine Ac...
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Guild Information

FLO Open Positions and Helping

We currently have openings in positions for:NoneHere are some other ways you can help other than those listed above:Citizens - Our cities always need residents. I'll provide a list of cities with their specializations below.Cities:Temenos Island, ...
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Guild Information

FLO Buffing Services, Grinding Academies, and How You Can Help!

Greetings FLOrian!<FLO> offers many services to give back to the community and foster a positive playing experience for everyone. We do this by running server events, providing 24/7 Doctor and Entertainer buffing service, 24/7 Solo Groups, a...
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Guild Information

FLO Rules and Policies

The following is a list of guidelines meant to outline what is meant by our most important guild rule: Respect each other and other players at all times. This is not an exhaustive list nor is it meant to be prescriptive. It does, however, provide ...
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Guild Information

Welcome to FLO, Guild Philosophy, and Important FLO Links

Hello and welcome to Flourish!You have been accepted one of the oldest and most established guilds on the server. We are happy to have you!There is a lot of information for you, now that you are a member. Please visit the guild website (http://flo...
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Character Bios & Backstories


I can't say I'm an RP'er but I'm working on a simple description for myself. It is a work in progress and any honest critique would be appreciated. I might try some casual RP. For now though I've been finding they right outfits and flesh out my...
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Character Bios & Backstories

Adami / Inyahin / Adaeze

Adami ToraTora, of the family AdamiHome planet: RylothTora was a princess of the family royal Adami, which maintained custody over a small population in the southern hemisphere detached from the main Twi'lek population.After the conclusion of the ...
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Character Bios & Backstories


(Note: This is extracted from my old forum posts ranging from 2004 to the present day, and the disjointed nature represents the history of me playing & returning and deals with my old city and PA members)[Excerpt from archives recovered from t...
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Character Bios & Backstories

Tyrisell Montoya

{OOC: This is an ongoing thread dedicated to the life and history of Tyrisell Durant Montoya. As part of my game play in SWG, I had started writing short stories of Tyrisell's experiences and travels. Sadly, many of those stories were lost. Being ...
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Character Bios & Backstories

Grace O'Malley

I am a reincarnation of an earthling from the sixteenth century born in 1530. My career was as an Irish pirate sometimes known as "The Sea Queen of Connaught". I commanded several ships and the 200 men who sailed them.Sailing was in my blood from...
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Character Bios & Backstories

A first tail.

I never want to see another War Gronda, and I don't think Akelan does either. Sting, the floating gun that Akelan uses to add more to his shooting with the little one-handed fire blaster he uses, doesn't seem to have an opinion. He makes the same ...
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Character Bios & Backstories

Who is this Akelan guy anyway?

Some of you who played the original SWG at release may recall a series of posts from a Gurreck named Nimby, telling about his adventures looking after his pet Twi'lek, Akelan, and Akelan's lady, Riven. Akelan is back, and Nimby will be as soon as ...
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Guild Information

Flourish Code of Conduct

Flourish Code of ConductThe following is a list of guidelines meant to outline what is meant by our most important guild rule: Respect each other and other players at all times. This is not an exhaustive list nor is it meant to be prescriptive. I...
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Character Bios & Backstories

Keilcho Kraytkul

Name: Keilcho KraytkulSex: maleSpecies: ZabrakAge: 39Planet of origin: ElomBody Type: altought many scars appear over his body, Keilcho Kraytkul is still in shape for a man of his age.Public record: was a known peacekeeper of the ex-Iridonian and ...
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Character Bios & Backstories

Bamayun Suun - Chapter 1 - No Such Thing as Quiet

((A heads up, I don't like writing 'character sheets.' I'd prefer to start writing a story, dive into the RP, or build the personality as you play, rather than write out your likes and dislikes, but that's just me. So here's part one of my 3-part ...
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