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{OOC: This is an ongoing thread dedicated to the life and history of Tyrisell Durant Montoya. As part of my game play in SWG, I had started writing short stories of Tyrisell's experiences and travels. Sadly, many of those stories were lost. Being as I'm getting back to where I was (finally, the Doc crafting grind has ended!!) I'm eager to get back to writing again as well.

Some of the stories herein were formerly posted on other swg forum servers that have since been taken down. In an effort to maintain their integrity, I copied them and have kept them safe on a private file. I decided to share them here with FLO, mostly for entertainment's sake, but also because it's a hobby I enjoy sharing. If you have interactions with Tyrisell and would like to include those in story form, I welcome you to do so once I've caught up (I'll be sure to make a post at that time.)

In the meantime, feel free to peruse what I have so far. Many entries are in story form, some are from Tyri's husband, Indigo (known now on the emu as simply, Indi), then there are the simple journal entries or data files as entered by Tyrisell's droid, Eriond.

At some point, once I've caught up to present day in posting and then writing a little more to fill in the time gap, I would like to encourage others to insert themselves into Tyrisell's RP within the game, under the understanding that your name, and the RP will likely appear in written form.

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She looked back over her shoulder before boarding the passenger vessel. The sun had just begun to peak over the horizon of Nashal and the first hint of the skies promised the weather would be pleasant today. She let out a sigh, wondering if she was making the right decision. Apparently she paused too long when suddenly she felt a sharp, heavy nudge at her back. She let out "Uumph!" and turned around as a grumpy Trandoshan man behind her shoved into her and gruffly motioned for her to move ahead.

The decision to leave her brother shouldn't have been a difficult one. Despite his pleas for her to stay on Talus with him and help with gathering contracts for hides and meat, she knew that she wanted something different for her life. Her intuitive skills with healing not only her brother in the field, but also the small animals she encountered during hunts, gave her a sense of peace and fulfillment like nothing else. Unfortunately, being on such a small planet with an overbearing brother who's only goal was to carry on the family business, meant that her chosen field in the medic profession would go stale unless she sought out proper training.

When her friend Ahabocchirem had invited her to Corellia to further her education in medicinals, she knew she had to take the risk of angering her only remaining family. Her brother, Sauldrin, was a good man, but his temper was his undoing and it wasn't tough to admit to herself that it would be nice to take a break from that. Besides, Theed was well known for its Medical University and Tyrisell had spent every last credit to purchase a ticket there, and Corellia was on the way.

She settled into her seat next to an elderly Twi'lek woman.

"Your first time to Coronet?," she asked.

Tyrisell nodded quietly. "It is. How'd you know?"

The woman smiled while she spoke and Tyrisell noticed her lekku meandering to and fro in an almost soothing manner. "You look nervous, Child. Don't be. I've been traveling back and forth for years. You'll like Coronet." she smiled knowingly. "It's a busy city, full of life, and always something to do for you young ones."

Tyrisell smiled pleasantly at the woman but chose to say nothing more. She hadn't encountered many Twi'lek in her life thus far, and the woman's lekku movements were distracting, if not confounding. Besides, talking to strangers was something her brother had warned her not to do. With tensions high, you never know what kind of trouble one might get into by striking up conversation with someone unfamiliar to you. Still, she made a mental note to herself to learn more about the Twi'lek species once she arrived to her destination.

The rumbling of the engines caused her stomach to lurch. She took her last glance of her home planet out of the small window and then leaned back into her seat, absently thinking of how angry her brother was going to be when he awoke to her holo message.
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"What do you mean, I haven't paid enough?"

"The ticket you purchased was just to get you to Coronet, it'll be another 1000 credits if you want to go to Theed" the man before her explained.

She shut her eyes tightly, trying to tamp down her internal frustrations. It wasn't his fault that she was new to travel and didn't understand the way of things. It also wasn't his fault that Ahabocchirem had to cancel their meeting and she might have gone un-noticed for the additional payment for transport to Theed had she simply stayed aboard the vessel during refueling instead of departing and trying to re-board. She let out an exasperated sigh and nodded at the kindly gentleman.

"Alright. I'm sorry, I must have misunderstood. Thank you anyway." she certainly wasn't going to announce her lack of funds amidst the busy starport.

He looked sorry for her as he glanced away. He motioned in a general direction and said, "Next shuttle arrives in about 15 minutes. That should give you time to get another ticket. Just go on through that way."

She smiled at him but said nothing as she walked on, noticing as he went to take the next passenger's boarding ticket. Once she wound through the maze of hallways, she came to a sudden halt. The entrance to the spaceport was over crowded with both passengers and residents alike. Just beyond was an overwhelming crowd of people, all shouting over one another and drowning out the ability to understand any one statement. Some were advertising about nearby shopping malls, others repeatedly announcing items they had for trade or sell. Then there were the random commands to "halt" being given by the local militia to passersby who had apparently been carrying suspect contraband. Some languages she understood while others were unknown and strange sounding, but all of them combined were too loud for her acute hearing to single out or make any sense of.

Feeling overwhelmed with all the hustle and bustle, Tyrisell decided to follow the signs - which thankfully were written in several languages - and checked in to the nearby Coronet hotel. The room she'd secured was small, but cozy, and she was thankful for the opportunity to take a hot bath to scour away the stink of too many passengers in a cramped space vessel It didn't take her long before she made her way back to the lobby and picked up a map of the area from the polite human at the consierge desk.

Despite her immediate knowledge that she needed to get a job, she set off to start exploring around Coronet. Having no where else to go, she headed for the local cantina for a light meal and a chance to peruse the map. It was clear that with a city this large, she was going to need to become well acquainted with the area. Already overhearing travelers talking about a few of the seedier areas of town, she set about marking them off on her map with a pen. Nashal had it's bad areas as well, and she wanted to avoid trouble at all costs. The last thing she needed was an "I told you so" from her brother.

Already she had formulated an opinion of this planet and privately hoped that it wouldn't take her long to leave it. With it's flat and barren terrain, bright skies, and oddly swirling clouds high overhead, she felt homesick and uncomfortable. She definitely prefered the greenery of Talus and missed the seeming security of the high mountains that surrounded Nashal. Having seen images of several areas of Naboo, she suspected it would be an improvement.

Her commlink chimed it's familiar tone and she groaned internally as she noticed who it was. No sooner than she opened up the line did she hear Sauldrin's familiar voice, "What the hell did you do, Tyri?!"

She cowered and lowered the volume, and her voice as she responded, "I just needed some time away. I'll be back before long." She hoped he wouldn't notice the hesitation in her voice that might give away her true desire to stay away longer.

"We've got missions to tend to. Who's going to keep me healed up while I'm out?" he argued.

"I'm sure the local medical center will be able to assist you, Saul. And it isn't for long... Ahaboc...."

The angry voice interrupted her, "I don't care about your Wookiee friend, Tryi. Come home. Now."

"I'm afraid I can't do that just yet. And I....," she paused, making sure to keep her cool with her brother was the best way to navigate such arguments with her brother but he riled her up so easily. "Sauldrin, you don't get to dictate what I do with my life. That isn't what Mom and Dad would have wanted for me, and you should know better. " Another pause, then she softened her tone, "I'll be back when I can, and until then you'll just have to make due without me for a while."

She ended the call and heavilly slumped back into her seat. She needed a distraction. She gazed absently at the entertainers of the cantina who were playing music and dancing, even the patrons were joining in. One such patron caught her attention and motioned for her to join them. She smiled and shook her head, blushing furiously. She'd never danced before and wasn't sure she had the talent for it. She blanched as the man began to walk over to her table.

He reached a hand out to her, beckoning for her to take his. "You look like you need to unwind. Come join us. It'll be fun, I promise." His eyes twinkled as he smiled at her and she knew she was in trouble. The charismatic charm radiated off of him. "Let's see what you've got...," he paused, seeming to expect a name.

"Tyrisell," she supplied, then bit her tongue and mentally kicking herself for talking to a stranger again.

"Tyrisell, eh?" he beamed. "What a beautiful name. I'm Zorath. C'mon - let's see what you've got."

"I don't really know how to..." she began.

"No problem! The girls and I will teach you! And if you're good, we might just let you join us." he winked.

Curious, she studied him. Other than being extremely outgoing, she couldn't find any logical explaination as to why he'd singled her out amidst the cantina bursting with patrons. She pondered this as he stood before her and waited for her to say something. He didn't wait long.

"C'mon. It's decent pay, as long as you're friendly with the clientele, and honestly you'd be doing us a favor. We don't get many pretty Zab's around here."

Tyrisell blushed at that, and then froze. "Wait! You get paid to dance?" she asked with genuine surprise. She wanted to take her words back instantly when he started laughing. 'Of course he does!' she scholded herself.

Thankfully he didn't bother with a response. With his hand still outstretched, she went ahead and reached for it, following Zorath to the dance floor where he proceeded to showed her a few steps and then paused to give her a chance to demonstrate. Which, to her surprise, she managed to not to trip over her own feet. She wasn't as coordinated as the others, but at least the movements made sense.

"That's it! You're a natural, Tyrisell. Just a little practice and you'll be golden!" he praised.

She smiled proudly. "Huh... a dancing job. Me. Who'd have thought?" she mused to herself.

Within a week she had put in long days of practicing with Zorath and the others, learning each of the new steps until her feet ached. It didn't take long before she had picked up enough skill to secure herself as a regular entertainer in Coronet's busiest and most notable cantina, dancing and playing for the crowds that poured into the city from all over the galaxy. It was fun, and she was meeting people and making a few friends along the way.

She, of course, had considered using her earnings to pay for the ticket to Theed, but had decided instead to spend them on entertaining uniforms and upgrading her accomodations in the hotel to a suite. Ahabocchirem, had been busy training elsewhere and had been on multiple planets collecting resources, so he was too busy to work with her anyway. Her desire for adventure and learning more about medicine had certainly not been lost on her, but for now, she was content to stay where she was a little while longer.

That was, until *he* walked into her cantina.
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She'd arrived in Coronet just a couple of weeks ago and already she was finding herself fairly comfortable in her new surroundings. Sure, the planet wasn't her favorite, but it didn't rain as much and the people were friendlier. Several of the girls in her entertainment group had been very welcoming and she felt a connection with them, even sharing about her home life and how she ended up on Corellia in the first place.

One evening, she had been readying herself to dance her last set with her fellow entertainers when a male Zabrak had wandered in to sit at a nearby table. She hadn't noticed him at first, but one of her friends had pointed out to her that he had been staring in her direction most of the night and asked if she knew him. Another girl had mentioned that she'd seen him here before, flirting with the entertainers at random. She'd never seen him before and said as much.

Once on stage, she pretended not to notice him. She'd learned by now that some of the males in the joint had intentions other than to unwind and rest their minds. But something about him was alluring, perhaps the fact that he'd been caught staring. She wasn't sure what it was, but it was enough to cause her to let her gaze wander in his direction a little too long.

He noticed. Then he winked. At her?! Her heart froze and she immediately missed a step in her dance routine.

Blushing, she quickly averted her gaze and tried to right her steps to align with the music playing. Was that him chuckling at her from the crowd? She swallowed hard. She hoped not. She dared herself to glance back in his direction to check and caught him smiling directly at her. His expression was intent and it felt almost as if he was daring her to smile back. The thought alone caused a smile to spread across her face.

Closing her eyes to avoiding his gaze once more, she concentrated on the remaining dance steps as she rationalized logic and reason. Certainly she knew better. This was NOT the plan. She couldn't get tangled up with something other than earning money and focusing on her medical career. But oh, despite what she knew she should be doing, the temptation was nagging at her. No, her brother would kill her. Or criticize her for being weak and not follow through with her own plans. She frowned at that, then purposefully made an attempt to adjust her expression to smile and lure in the other patrons in the crowd.

Once her set had finished she bowed before the audience and stepped off the stage. She noticed him get up, but before he could get very far, she made her way to the back dressing rooms as quickly as she could, thankful that the crowd had begun to move about and interfere with whatever he had intended to do. She took her time to clean up and gather her belongings and made her way to the back exit to make her way back to her hotel.

As she emerged from the rear exit of the cantina an hour later, she stopped cold. There he was, waiting for her. His toned frame leaning up against the side of the building with a smug grin on his face.

"I have to say, I usually read people pretty well and against my better judgement, really assumed you weren't the type to slip out the back door."

She flushed and stammered, her arms clutching her pack loosely. "Sounds like you won the coin flip?" she said, not too politely. "And in any case I... well, it's an easier way to get out without.."

"Out of sight of the crowds, I know." he finished for her with a knowing smile. "A lady such as yourself probably shouldn't be caught in back alleyways without a proper escort this time of night." he admonished. "Coronet isn't exactly the safest of cities."

"And what make you so sure that I can't defend myself?" she rebutted. Something about him reminded her of Sauldrin. Always babying her and trying to take control.

"I never said anything about whether or not you could defend yourself. I simply said you should be escorted." he replied simply.

"I can assure you, Mr...?" she started.

"Montoya," he supplied. "Indigo if you please."

She held back a smile, liking his name instantly. "Well, Indigo. I can assure you that I'm quite capable of getting myself home safely. It isn't far. But ..."

"But you'll be happy for the company?" he interjected, a hopeful look on his face.

She hesitated, a whitty comeback on the tip of her tongue. She was tired and really didn't see the point in being difficult with the man before her. The sooner she got home, the sooner he'd leave. "Fine then. But don't get any ideas," she warned.

He chuckled politely at her and offered his arm, which she promptly declined by walking on ahead. He didn't miss a beat and caught up to her.

"So, where are you from?" he asked.

She furrowed her eyebrows. "What makes you think I'm not from around here?"

He shrugged. "Lucky guess? Or perhaps the fact that there aren't many Zabraks in Coronet, and then too, I've not seen you around before."

She glanced back at him out of the corner of her eye. She had to give him credit... he was observant, if not smooth.

"Talus." she finally said, deciding it wasn't worth lying about. "And you're right, there aren't many female Zabrak around here. It's been pointed out to me on more than one occasion." She grimaced.

He kept quiet as they walked, glancing over at her from time to time as if in wait for her to say something.

"So, where are you from?" she asked, more out of social etiquette than of true curiousity.

"All over" he replied.

An evasive answer, surely that wasn't a good sign. Though, it could be that he, like so many others, had a rough childhood and didn't feel comfortable sharing his life story. She hadn't exactly given him much to go on, on account of the same reasoning. Besides, she'd learned that sometimes it's best to let people keep their secrets to themselves.

There was an awkward silence for a time as they walked together. Mostly small talk here and there in between long pauses. Just as they were rounding the corner and onto a main road, he spoke up again. "So, I'll be headed off planet soon myself. I have a contract to go hunting."

She nodded but something inside her grew annoyed. Unfortunately she couldn't bite it back before it slipped out of her mouth. "So, what? You're just taking a break in Coronet to make small talk with some random Zabrak woman from the cantina before you take off?" She didn't want to admit that she was attracted to him and the hurt was plain on her face, which only made her grow angrier at herself for letting her guard down.

He pursed his lips as if to say something else, and then let out a frustrated sigh. "No, actually. I was told that you might be interested in a job as a field medic."

She stopped, turned toward him and gaped openly. "You...what? From who? Who told you I was anything other than a dancer?"

She noticed his eyebrow raise as he grinned slyly. "Does it matter? Are you for hire? Or should I seek someone else out?"

She thought on that for a moment. Perhaps it was time to move on before she settled for something other than what she'd been dreaming of since she was a girl.

"I might be persuaded. Though, I have to warn you, I'm not exactly the most skilled." she confessed.

He beamed at her, a mischievous grin erupting on his handsome face. "Perfect! I'll pick you up at your hotel at first light."

She frowned. "Umm...," she hesitated. "I don't exactly have the funds for travel yet. That's why I've been here in Coronet."

"No problem!" he said with pride. "It's part of the contract. If you keep me healed on my hunt, I'll make sure you have everything else you need."

Frowning again, she felt unsure of taking advantage of the situation at hand. "Really, if you just give me a day or so to..."

"It's not a problem." he stated firmly.

"If you're sure...," she said unsure of the idea.

"Good. Tomorrow then." he glanced up at the tall building before them. "I believe this is your stop."

She swallowed, trying not to think how he knew that she was staying at this particular hotel. "Thank you for the escort." She said with a grin.

"Absolutely," he said as he already turned to walk away.

"Oh, Indigo?" she called out after him.

He stopped and turned around, his expression one she couldn't read in the darkened shadows of the evening.

"You didn't say where we were headed to...?" she asked.

"We're headed to my home, Temenos Island."

Her eyes furrowed in confusion. "And where's that?"

He grinned slyly at her, as if in on a secret that she was not privy to. "Naboo."

Again, her heart froze, then did a little dance inside. This was entirelely too good to be true. She was getting to Naboo, with on-the-job practice to hone her skills, while making money... and with someone as handsome as...

She looked at him again, the streetlamp just barely giving her enough light to make out his facial features. Strong, masculine, handsome...

Yep. She was definitely presented with something that was too good to be true. Though, she wasn't about to pass this up. She would just have to play it smart. If all else failed, perhaps she could send out a distress call to Ahabocchirem.

"Tomorrow then." she smiled, wondering to herself absently if she should have asked him more details about the job itself.

He nodded and turned back to walk back from the direction they'd come, and into the shadows of the night.

She was going to get to Naboo afterall. Though it was with a stranger...who seemed to know much more about her than he had any right to know. Which could present a danger to her. But then she needed the money, and the opportunity was better than anything else she'd been presented with.

All these things raced in her head as she made her way up the elevator and through the halls to her suite. She nodded affirmatively to herself as she used her keycard and hurried into the hotel room to begin packing and then get some sleep before she changed her mind.
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