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(Note: This is extracted from my old forum posts ranging from 2004 to the present day, and the disjointed nature represents the history of me playing & returning and deals with my old city and PA members)

[Excerpt from archives recovered from the ruins of Freedom City Town Hall]

Born on the Twi'lek home planet of Ryloth, Adol's father was one of the clan leaders of the local area, a well respected man. When he was still young, a member of the clan died which forced the remaining leaders, including Adol's father into exile as is the law.

This left him alone with his sister, Lum, as their mother died many years ago of a disease that once ravaged the land. Although the community was kind to them both, Adol grew apart from them and became somewhat of a loner. He spent many weeks on the surface of the planet seeking enlightenment through nature and the martial arts. During this time, Lum was making money by entertaining travellers and locals alike in bars and public places with her music and dancing.

But the time came when he felt he needed to expand his horizons and leave the planet. It was a hard choice for Lum, but as they had lost our parents, she chose to follow him. Adol found Talus purely by chance, but fortune seems to have smiled on him. It was a relatively quiet planet with beautiful scenery and the twilight feel to the sky reminded him of home.

After reaching Talus, Adol resided briefly in the town of Dearic, dancing to his sister's music for the crowds. Seeing so many different races was a wonderful and enlightening experience.

He then moved to Freedom City close by, continuing his search for a higher state of being. His travels in the wild allowed him to better understand the creatures that roamed the planet, and he found that with patience he could tame some of the less agressive beasts. These animals provided him with companionship while out hunting, especially his beloved pet Snoosnoo.

Adol gradually became more involved in City affairs, taking a place on the local Council to discuss matters of housing, taxation a&! s0;##( 9^$.

[The remainder of this file is unrecoverable]


[Intercepted reports from Imperial Command Station #3281, Talus sector 5]

To: <name encrypted>
We have received reports from agents in the town of Rhodia that potential Rebel Activity has been spotted in the local area. We will be sending out some patrols to investigate these reports.

To: <name encrypted>

Based on information retrieved from the AD2-21 listening device placed on Corbec6811732DT we have confirmed a small group of Rebel sympathisers located in Freedom City. These may or may not have been linked with the recent attack on an Imperial facility on neighbouring Rhodia. Unfortunately Corbec6811732DT was not a particularly useful citizen to bug as he has now broken ties with the Rebels there. We have the names of several conspiritors, but are unsure as to the size or importance of this group.

Based on quite clear information that the leader of this group is Adol6811395DT, we have activated operation 32/N and captured his sister to try and draw her out. Information has been leaked so he knows where to find her. More details shortly

To: <name encrypted>

The operation was a success sir. The Rebels tried a typical covert rescue with Adol6811395DT accompanied by a currently unknown citizen. Adol6811395DT was captured and the others were driven off. Adol6811395DT has been captured with serious injuries and it is clear that his comrades believe he has been killed and will not likely return again. Adol6811395DT is in a stable condition now and we will begin interrogation as soon as possible

To: <name encrypted>

A full report is attached for your perusal sir. We have learned that this small terrorist group run by Adol6811395DT calls itself FIST and is stationed in Freedom City. However, this group seems to be a very small fish in the pond and not as connected as we had hoped. In fact I have no thorough evidence of any actual activities they have been involved in as it seems that the city to the north is where the true Rebel threat originates on Talus. After interrogation, it seems that Adol6811395DT is not as high up the command chain as we had thought, and a search in now underway for a bothan Utrec6823774NM.

To: 3281/V37C

Very nice report Captain. Send a few sqauds out to Freedom City and flatten it. As for Adol6811395DT, take him to the nearest planet and dump him. He'll be no threat now as the Rebellion will not touch him in case he is a spy for us. He will most likely make a good example of the consequences of betraying the Empire.
<name encrypted>



[From Adol's personal diary]
As I stand here on my home world, watching the sunlight fade before me, I feel it is time to return. I have conquered the fear and shame of what I have been through. In some ways I am actually proud of how far I was able to resist the probing and misinform my captors as much as I did. My wounds still ache from time to time and I think my days of active hand to hand combat may be over. Walking the surface of Ryloth has again been enlightening and has purged my spirit of many demons. But I have grown restless as usual. The Empire is still strong and something must be done about this. I just hope that my previous contacts will still trust me.

I will try to locate some of my old friends. At least Kaimak, who was with me near the end and helped Lum to safety, knows me well enough to know I would never intentionally betray the Alliance.

[From Adol's personal diary]

My meeting with Kaimak was a joyous one - how he has changed, in appearance if not in attitude!
The Alliance is wary of me, so I have had to keep my distance. To make ends meet I am forced into smuggling. While I am preparing my official business of public baths on Tatooine, I am amassing quite a quantity of not-entirely-legal items that I will try and shift for profit. Only time will tell if this will be enough for me to survive on.

[From Adol's personal diary]
My Bath House has been a success, in fact so much so that it has been drawing the attention of the authorities. I have been forced to relocate some of my goods.

I have heard there are some useful contacts to be made in Nashal. I am thinking for paying them a visit, but the thought of returning to Talus is still painful.

[From Adol's personal diary]

It has been some time since my last diary entry. The last thing I remember is standing outside the cantina in Mos Eisley with a group of people. There were explosions, or possibly fireworks. Some sort of celebration?

It's dark. Frightfully dark. I feel a numbness. Was I drugged?

I don't know where I am.

It's almost as though the world has ended.

Someone help me.

[From Adol's personal diary]
The fog lifted from my mind some weeks ago, but I feel different, as though the life I once led was some sort of strange waking dream.

I have left the dry, dusty planet, scraping what credits I could earn together to get a shuttle to Corellia. I feel like I have been reborn for I have left politics behind me. I'm actually taking time to enjoy the surroundings and create things. It's strange how making something with your own two hands can have an impact on the way you see the world.

Much of my time has been spent alone, sitting out in the rolling hills, searching for veins of precious metals. As I return to the city, I'm almost afraid of the crowds. Such hustle and bustle, such a noise they make. I've not seen the place so busy in years.

I am thinking of taking a shuttle to Talus. It seems to call out to me, but I'm still afraid.

* * *

I have just been standing at the ticket terminal, my hand hovering over the button. In the end I could not do it. I'm not sure if I'm more scared of what I might find there, or that I'll find nothing at all.

[From Adol's personal diary]

...I have been drifting for so long now. Barely scraping a living from the few trinkets that I am able to make.

I recently returned to Talus. Freedom City has been completely destroyed, as if it had never existed. While scraping around among the fallen leaves, I stumbled upon something. It seemed like a staff of some sort but when uncovered it revealed itself to me. The Torch of Freedom - the very symbol of hope for our struggle against the Empire, now just a stick in the dirt.

For a moment I fell into dispair. But the clouds burst and a strong shower of rain washed away my foul mood. I will train again. Train for my city, my friends and my dear pets long gone.

I hope I have the strength.
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