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Current Look (without armor):

Age: Unknown
Favorite Food: Ithorian Saffron & Ithorian Brandy
Race: Ithorian
Home Planet: Ithor

Early Life
I remember very little. Gardens, lots of vegetation. Under the careful tutelage of one Momaw Nadon I learned about what made Ithor the beautiful landscape I have failed to find since my departure. After I learned to tend to the smaller plants, flower, and other common grass, I was taught to care for the Vesuvague tree. Sure, there were a few close calls... while learning the lingo by which the leaves of the tree understood us, I got mangled between its tentacle vines more than once; I have quite a few marks to prove it. I think the most impressive thing I have encountered is the manipulation of the force by this being as it hides its presence from the force while moving to its pray by not showing intent until ready to send its tentacles onward.

Mid Life
During gardening duties one day, I was taken. I didn't know who my captors were other than they being my kin. A group of Saheelindeeli talked with my captors while pointing at me. Next thing I know I was being taken to the nearest shuttleport to ship off to the SkyYards. Once there, I was introduced some aliens whom would become my dearest friends and family later on. I began work on a Herdship for them. One of the little ones, also a gardener like me, would tell me stories of his planet and the things he did. Later, much after the ship was built and we managed to stop by his home in Saheelindeel he showed me the various ways to care for the plants there; we had such an amazing time.

Everything was so confusing. The tools they gave me to work with were so different than those I was accustomed to garden with. Parts of my hands and digits would become soar and grow within my hand, often with a type of ooze; something I was later told was called a blister; which frankly I could have gone a lifetime, quite happily may I add, without finding out what it was. Later my hands became rough and the tools became an extension of me as I worked very hard.

Life passed quickly as the daily routine was so incredibly filled and without much in the way of breaks. Finally the ship was completed and I embarked in an adventure that would pair me with some of my heroes, ever-so-briefly, like Bulduga (before his demise), of the famed dragon slayers, and so many others.

Life in the ship encompassed growing many different things. Although I helped with various horticultural duties, my main task aboard was repairs. A treaty with the Saheelindeeli, forging a mechanical era for them, paired me with the duties I was assigned while on the ship.

Current Life
Finally, free. During a run to delivery fruit and spices to Endor, flying close to Ratatat space we were attacked by Nightbrother pirates. Their ships were so much agile that hours that not even the twin ion engines at our disposal were enough.

After a long trip to safety, I decided to settle, perhaps begin gardening again. Naboo's rich life and somewhat peaceful remote areas remind me a lot of the home I missed so much. While at a local cantina, asking for directions near Theed Spaceport, I heard rumors of ships in need of repairs and frankly I needed the credits. Working on the ship with my friends and family provided for a fun and rewarding time, but no credits.

After a while, it was apparent the credits were merely enough to sustain me, but not move out to the green spaces that I would someday call home; a place where I would remember my fallen family.

Until then, I will take after some of my heroes, the very same people that during my travels showed me how to use weapons, or those I revered as brave while facing the dragons of my home. Yes, I will become a hero like them. I will start by helping planting villages, and spice traders, and move to more challenging foes until one day perhaps I shall visit the planet of those Nightbrothers who took my family and while in Dathomir, destroy their way of life and take from them as they did me! While I don't crave revenge, they certainly will know mine.

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