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Leaning against the wall with his arms crossed across his chest, Perdion “Perry” Tumodur watches at the comatose Sallus in the bed tended to by a med droid in a med center room of the Tumodur Manor. Though the droid says Sallus is stable, it is unknown when he will wake up. Perry knows that it could have been worse. The shuttle crash was devastating as the shuttle itself was left in both big and small pieces. Sallus' armor had protected him very well, taking most of the damage. The other body found was Lamar whom is no longer among the living.
Turning around Perry walks out the room then makes his way out the med center. He thinks on what needs to be done. While Mylur police are further investigating Lamar's operations here, the Mylur statesman Borles has commission him to investigate off planet. Law enforcement has gathered much information from the compound as well as the surviving computers of that crashed shuttle.
As he walks down the hall in deep thought, he sees a beautiful woman coming to him: Betta, his wife. They hug and kiss then she starts to walk along with him with her arm in his. “Sallus is fine. His condition still hasn't change,” he answers her unasked question.
Betta nods her head slowly in understanding and says, “The guest room is all ready,” talking about Sallus' wife Thyone coming with a couple of their children. As Sallus is like a brother to him, they had always loved to meet his family but would have preferred under better circumstances. “Still heading out to continue Sallus' hunt?” she asks, looking at him lovingly and understandingly.
He gives a weak smile. He rather stay here at his home with family and friends, but knows he must continue this investigation for the sake of Sallus and Lamaria. “Yes,” he finally replies, “Can't let this get worse. Best to take care of this while it is still manageable.” She responds with a nod of understanding as she figure he would say that.
They walk on arm in arm, talking to each other in soft loving words. Finally they enter the hangar bay and stop a safe distance from the Moongem. They continue on talking to each other sweetly saying their goodbyes then kiss. Betta watch as Perry walks to his ship as it is ready to go.
He stops on the ship's side door, patting the hull lovingly. The Moongem has served him well since he got it and is now considered a family member of sorts. In fact, it is so much consider part of the family that Betta had him train her how to fly it since she loved it as well. He had named it off a very common and beautiful flower on Mylur. The flower is popular in gardens as well as a symbol of love there, plus it is Betta's favorite type of flower.
Steeling himself for this, Perry turns around to see his precious Betta at a safe distance then waves at her and gives her their mutual signal to say “I love you”. Then he enters Moongem to continue the investigation.

The information from the crashed shuttle lead to the cold planet of Nadow. Walking down an ornate hallway of a Nadowian mansion, Perry follows a polite butler. He is here to meet the local contact Borles told him about: Captain Hugin Jiniar. Hugin was a ship captain in the now-defunct Gathial Navy and was well respected by both sides from what Perry was told. They stop at a big door then the butler told him to wait there. He watches as the butler enters the door and shuts it behind him, letting Perry to briefly hear noises of a fancy ball going on on the other side.
After a couple short minutes of waiting, Perry sees a man of noble features and wearing an uniform of the defunct Gathial Navy. He recognizes him as Hugin from the holos Borles showed him.
“Perdion, I presume. Borles sent you?” Hugin asks after shutting the door behind him. When Perry responds with a nod, Hugin motions with one arm to walk with him. As they walk down the hall, he continues, “I had the chance to look at the coordinates before you came here and figure out where it is.” They walk along another hallway and he continues talking, “I am unable to send anyone there to investigate.” He raises one hand to stop Perry's protests then motion him to keep following. They exit out of a door onto an uncovered balcony.
Stepping out onto the balcony, Perry can see the sun is setting and feel the weather chilling as a sign of the coming winter. He follows Hugin further onto the balcony then stops when the captain places his hands on the balustrade. He didn't have to wait long for Hugin to continue.
“Now, now,” Hugin says, “Don't get me wrong. I do want to help you as well as send troops there to help investigate. But the proof is not conclusive. I have many opponents which would prevent that or use such occasion to stop me and anything I was doing. While this stops me, it doesn't stop you at all. I can get you transport there, but you will have to investigate by yourself. If you get enough proof, then I'll be able to be more proactive on this.”

From a distance Perry uses his microbinoculars to scan a house sitting on medium yard that is surrounded by a hardcrete wall. A couple of Hugin's men had brought him out here to those coordinates. After they left to wait a greater distance, he has been observing this house to observe the security. Though he would have loved greater assistance, he understands Hugin's situation and is glad for the assistance he has received already. His mind drifts to his close friend Sallus. He hopes he is recovering well from his injuries. Ever since they met, they have become fast friends, almost like brothers. The fact this investigation that Sallus started has lead to Lamaria bothers Perry a lot.
So far he has not seen any signs of anyone in and around the house though he has been observing now for a couple hours. Despite that he is spotting signs of security devices in and around the wall and figures there are more he does not see. Noticing the sun is starting to set, he puts up his macrobinoculars then quietly and stealthy move from his spot to head to the house.
Painstakingly he sneaks and crawls his way to the house. Glad for his military experiences dealing with similar situations, he works his way closer and closer. While he would like to rush in before any possible person can leave, he knows it is best he takes his time to bypass the security. He has already passed several security devices and expected there are much more. Considering the security he figures this spot must be very important.
By the time he makes his way to the house itself, the sun has completely set. Figuring the front door might be too well secured, he moves silently and slowly around the house. Finding a side door, he carefully bypasses the security pad before slowly opening the door. Keeping low and his blaster pistol ready in one hand, he moves into the dark room with night vision goggles on. Slowly and cautiously he moves through the house with his blaster at ready as well as bypassing any security he finds. Checking out each room, he stands up, slightly disappointed to find no one in the house or any sign of recent occupation. With his blaster still in hand, he finds a computer and starts to hack his way in it as best as he can. Wishing he had much better slicing skills, he frowns as nothing he does brings up anything worth looking at except some bit of very encrypted data.
Saving that data to a chip, he stops as he notices a bookcase set odd against the wall that he fail to notice earlier. He moves to the case and carefully looks all around it. He has seen this a few times during the war. Careful not to hit any security traps, he finally finds a hidden switch. Satisfied he steps back a bit with his blaster at ready as the case moves to the side to reveal a previously hidden hallway as wide enough for two men to easily walk side by side. As he heads down this hallway quietly and carefully, he also mentally keep track which direction he is going. Despite his caution, he comes across no security as he heads down it. After what seems like several tense minutes, the hallway opens to a much bigger room the darkness hides the walls. Spotting a light switch on the wall, he chances it by turning it on. Before him he sees an empty hangar bay where two light freighters can fit snugly with its two large doors closed. Seeing no threats, he nods his head as he thinks he knows what this place might be.

“It's a safe house?” the holo of Hugin asks as for clarification.
Sitting in the back seat of a landspeeder as it zooms down a road, Perry looks at the hologram along with one of Hugin's men. “Yes,” he answers, “It is very secured, isolated, fully supplied as well as disguised as a normal house in the area. Plus the hidden hangar bay set where few if any would notice ships coming and going.”
“It does point to something suspicious but still not enough to warrant an investigation. Did you find anything else?”
Showing the datachip, Perry responds, “Could only get some data from the computer but it is very encrypted which I can't break. Would you be able to find someone that could?”
Hugin frowns as he thinks, “Sorry, if I try to do that my opponents will notice and stop this investigation here.”
“I thought it might. I do know an old friend that can do it secretly. I need to go off world.”
“Good. I won't ask whom. Let my men there debrief you. They will take you to your ship. Once you get the information, get in touch with me and hopefully we will be able to do more from that.”

Gradually making his way through the crowd in one of the Admiral's many open air market areas, Perry takes some time to look around. Since this place is a major trade center in all of Lamaria, he finds that he always sees new and interesting things each time he is here. Soon he spots a couple aliens he doesn't recognize them but has the feeling he has heard of them before. It takes him a minute to recall them.. Ithorians. He recalls hearing that Ithorians were renowned botanists. He smiles as he sees these 3 Ithorians are talking to a Rusek merchant. Since Ruseks are famed woodworkers and tree experts, Perry knows the 3 aliens picked the right merchant.
As he makes his way from that area to deeper in the Admiral, he thinks about one of the happenings since Sallus came to Lamaria and went back home. The route Sallus had used get back home had been used as an ever growing trade route between Lamaria and the part of the galaxy Sallus belonged to. As the trade has slowly expand, the knowledge of both areas starts to be exchanged between the two. Perry had made an effort to learn all he can. To the surprise of most Lamarians that learned of this new area of the galaxy, it turns out that area was many times larger than Lamaria as well as having much more cultures and aliens. He would love to go travel and learn all he could, but knows he can't as he has much to do at home.

Waiting patiently, Perry stands cross-armed and quiet. Through his breather mask he watches his contact Vorhonel Gulorn does his work. Perry knows Vorhonel is excellent information broker and slicer. He is also a member of the Aguton, a methane breathing species, hence why Perry is using a breather mask.
Perry was here hours before giving Vorhonel the datacard to break the code on it. But Vorhonel had told him it would take time to break the complex code. So Perry spend his time around the Admiral as he waits. Halfway through his wait, he started to get the increasing feeling he was being watched and followed. While he acted normal, he prepared himself for a confrontation but no such thing happened. Even now he is nervous from the feeling.

“It took a bit to crack this code,” Vorhonel turns to face Perry, holding the datachip. He then moves to plug it in a slot and a nearby monitor changed to start showing information. He then continues to talk, “There's much information from this. Whatever exactly is this Sapha'a is, they seem to be growing in strength in Lamaria. They seem to set up a base on Hamino. Probably more clues there.” The Aguton pulls out the chip and gives it to Perry as he pays for it. Perry immediately knew this was very important. Hamino is a planet that was used by the military of the now defunct Gathial Empire for many years. It was used for many purposes at varied degrees of intensity throughout its history of use. The Gathal forces left the planet completely at least 50 years ago. Since then none of the Lamarian organizations have claimed it nor want others to have it as a precaution for finding any advanced weaponry, no matter how unlikely. Thanking Vorhonel one last time, Perry hurries off now he has evidence for Hugin.

Perry had no trouble getting the information back to Hugin. To Perry's relief, the information was enough for Hugin, though Hugin seemed more distressed by it than expected. Under the direction of Hugin, Perry waited for a day or two while Hugin was off dealing with the revealed information. He heard that Hugin had quickly had that house raided and the information gathered from there clearly show it was a safe house. Within a couple days, Perry found himself on the main ship of a fleet. It seems that many Lamarian governments found the information on Sapha'a to be a threat enough to ally together to deal with this.
Inside the flagship of this quickly formed allied fleet, Perry stands at a forward observation room, watching the lights of hyperspace as the ship flies through it. He smiles to himself as it brings back some memories about Sallus. The flagship Noble Spear was actually the Viklar Wrath which he, Sallus and a whole unit had taken from the Torillans during the Viklar Conflict 5 years ago or so. Now it is a Mylur ship.
“Captain Perdion Tumodur?” some member of a humaniod race said to him. It took Perry a couple seconds to recall the race because they are not native to Lamaria. A Zabrak who goes by the name of Soren. He came to Lamaria not long after the route to Lamaria became known and now is a respected officer within the Tyril Corps, a renowned foreign military unit for the Ferriates. Perry only knows him by reputation. Soren continues, “I heard some of your reputation and some of your missions from that war with the Gathials.” ,giving him a salute.
Perry smiles friendly and goes to give a half-hearted salute in return then stops to bring his hand out for a handshake, “Lieutenant Soren, it has been a few years since I been in the military and held that rank. It is just Perdion Tumodur now.”
“So you are Mr. Hugin's proxy?” he continues as he sees Perry nodding his head in reply, “Have you ever been to Hamino?”
“No, but I have heard many things about it. It is suppose to be abandon.”
Soren nods his head then turns to walk off, “It'll be a honor to fight alongside of you. Now I need to get my men ready.”

Hours later on Hamino, Perry moves swiftly, holding his blaster carbine firmly in his hands. Members of Soren's unit move with him as they enter the overgrown grounds in front of an used military facility that seems not to been used for many years. He knows other units are spread out wide around this facility to prevent any possible escape. The fleet is set in a tight geostationary orbit high above though he can't see it from here.
Moving as quickly and quietly as they can, he and the soldiers with him head across the grounds till they find an entrance that looks less used than any others. Cautiously they enter it, expecting traps but not coming across any. Before long they finally come across some of the bandits and the fight starts.
He can tell some of these bandits are pretty experienced as some quickly respond though they were caught off guard. Still Soren and his troops keep the pressure on so the bandits to stay off balance. Soon reinforcements arrive to help as was planned. Perry helps where he can, focusing on capturing evidence and supplies before either can be destroyed.
Perry stop following Soren and his group upon reaching a room that had to be a command center with all the monitors and computers. He keeps his carbine ready as technicians enter the room and start to work on the various equipment. A couple times he had to take out a few bandits that sneak in as the technicians keep working feverishly. Once there was enough troops to guard the spot, he move deeper into the building as he has heard various findings over the comms and want to check it out.
Still able to hear the sporadic fighting echoing down the hallways, Perry keeps his blaster ready as he moves on. Despite the echoing of battle in the distance throughout the hallways, he doesn't come across any opponents just a few busy soldiers. Soon he comes to one of the storage rooms he has been hearing about. The room is full of various crates. To his surprise Soren and his troops are also here making sure the area is secure. After exchanging friendly nods with Soren, Perry walks carefully in the room, checking out different crates.
If all the other reports of supply rooms are correct and similar to this room, he thinks, then they are planning some major operations here. The more he looks through the crates, the more he is convince. He then hurriedly heads to other supply rooms to see if it was the same there.

Sitting in a chair of a moving assault shuttle, Perry makes sure his weapon and gear are all ready for what seems like the tenth time. It has been nearly a week since they were at Hamino. There they found much data and equipment that points to major operations planned in Lamaria. This has the effect to upset many officials in the know. For most of this week, he has been staying on the Noble Spear as the fleet's experts look through all the new information. Plus the fleet had been sending out many long range patrols to find the mythical Gutherin shipyards. Though Perry still didn't believed this shipyard exist, the information gathered has worried many enough to continue the search for it using Sapha'a own data as well as to catch up with them to stop them.
Standing up, he makes his way from the sitting area into the hallway then into the cockpit. Stopping just inside the cockpit, he looks forward out the cockpit canopy. He can see they are moving carefully and stealthy as possible in an asteroid field. One of the fleet's reconnaissance patrols found Sapha'a ships here along with some forgotten old Gathial shipyards on the edge of an asteroid field which he can see at times as their ship flies around and between asteroids. This uninhabited system is called Juresk System from what he was told and luckily has a few quite stable asteroid fields. Silently he stands there so not to distract this assault shuttle's 2 man crew as they guide the shuttle stealthy closer and closer to the shipyards towards the side further from the Sapha'a ships which are sitting near the yards. Though he can't see them, he knows there are several other shuttles making their way there as well. He waits silently and watching as minutes crept by while the shuttle draws closer and closer while sneaking among the asteroids. He releases a deep breath he didn't realize he was holding as his shuttle finally comes along a side of the dockyards then aligns itself to a docking airlock. Hearing the co-pilot saying the airlock is still working, Perry makes his way back to get ready to enter the docks.
After checking to make sure the interior was safe enough, Perry, Soren and Soren's troops enter the facility. Some power are on as every third light panel was on softly as well as terminals. As other squads report in that they are also on board, the technician uses a working terminal and the other soldiers secure the area.
“The security program is definitely a very old Gathial one,” the technician says as he continues to work feverishly, “ but this should be easy to deal with.” After a few short but tense minutes, he says again, “I found them. They seem to be located in certain sections of the drydock.” a map of the docks appear which shows the locations she is talking about, “The main terminals are there. We need to get those as I can't do much with this terminal. Soren nods then leads his soldiers out as well as sending signals to other squads the same. Perry heads out with them, his blaster carbine ready.
Traveling to the require sections, they come across not many guard but they are still moving cautiously. They need to secure as much of the docks as possible before the fleet jump in to corner the Sapha'a ships to either capture or destroy them. They start noticing they are in the right area as it becomes more fully lighted and more working terminals. The few guards they came across were quickly and quietly eliminated as they move forward.
They come to a large side room which the technicians motioned this to be the right place. The technicians quickly move to various terminals and start working as the others get in position to cover. After just a minute a small group of Sapha'a members enter the room talking then stop and go quiet upon seeing others in the same room. Both sides stay there looking at each other for a split second before the firing start. A couple of Sapha'a fall down before they retreat in order. Soren and his men move forward keeping to cover so that the technicians can get to work without interruptions. Seeing some soldiers staying to protect the room, Perry moves on to follow Soren with his blaster ready in hand.
Still a distance behind the squad, Perry pauses as he thought he heard a sound to a side room. Keeping his carbine ready, he moves quietly to the side room. As he makes his way in the room, he hears a noise to his left side causing him to look that way. Spotting a person aiming a blaster at him, he ducks then rolls forward as he hears blaster bolts flying where he was standing at and right above his head while he rolls. Stopping just behind a terminal, he shoots around it to get the shooter to stop. Noticing a brief pause in the firing after a few shots, Perry moves from behind the terminal to another one, firing again. As he spots the gunner appearing to shot, Perry fires once more, hitting him, causing him to fall down and not get up.
Once he checks to makes sure the man won't be a threat, he notices a panel that seems to be almost closed and moves to it. Carefully opening the panel, he can see there is a bomb planted there but not fully nor active. As he makes sure to disarmed it fully, he goes to report on his comm what he found. As he reports, he realize others are reporting the same thing. Once he is finished, he notices a small door that seems not to be shut all the way. Opening it the rest of the way, he sees it leads to maintenance tunnels. Pausing he listens and upon hearing some questionable noises, he quietly enters the tunnel as he reports what he found so others be alert to it.
These tunnels are not as lighted as the main areas, but Perry could still see well enough. He moves quietly as he can on the various catwalks with various exposed utilities on the walls. Holding his blaster firmly, he listens careful for any unusual noises. Barely paying attention to the comm in his ear, he hears some noises that grow louder as he moves on. He stops as he reaches a corner then moves slowly around the corner to pauses as he spots some people working. For a second he observes, spotting that they are finishing planting a bomb. He then quickly moves forward, being as quiet as possible. Waiting till he is almost upon them as he wants to avoid damaging the surrounding computers and lines, he starts firing on them, taking them by surprise.
Upon almost reaching them, he fires on one of them knocking him over. As one whom was kneeling at the time in work turn to aim his blaster rifle at Perry, Perry steps down on the carbine to point it downwards, making it fire into the catwalk itself. Perry's next aim hit its mark instead. The third man fires his blaster, hitting Perry whom winced from it but luckily he is able to keep moving, taking down the third man before he can fire again.
With all 3 opponents down, he kneels down the check on the bomb, wincing from the blaster hit to his lower right chest. But as the bomb is more important, he checks it first. After a few moments he sighs out in relief as it wasn't armed. He works on it to make sure it can't be armed then tells on his comm about what he found so others can be alert about it. Then he sits up and moves his hand to his lower chest to check his injury, going slow as it still hurts and stings. As he looks at it as best as he can it looks like his armor took most of the blast. Not having enough time to do a thorough check, he braces himself and gets up and moves on with his carbine at ready, heading further in the tunnel, heading up. From his past knowledge and from what others have told him of similar stations, he heads upstairs as to have a much better chance to find some sort of command room.
Keeping alert to any noises, he moves carefully and quietly as he can, staying alert. While able to hear occasional muffled firefight from a distance, he hears nothing from the tunnels. Still he finds he has lost track of time. He wonders if the fleet has appear already or the units he is with can be overwhelmed. Upon coming across a side hatch, he comes focuses more on this. He listens for a bit next to the hatch. Not hearing anyone, he slowly opens the door and walks into a room. His hunch is correct as the room is some sort of command room with much consoles as well as windows. Immediately he can tell it has been used recently as the room lights are fully on as well as the consoles are at full power. Seeing no one else is in the room, he quickly moves to some of the main consoles, checking to see if any programs running that be harmful for his allies.
Hearing the door behind him opening, he quickly spins around, bringing his carbine up and lowering himself down to get behind a terminal. He aims as some people barge in, pointing their blasters back at him. For a split second they stay like this, aiming at each other. Then Perry lowers his blaster and smiles in relief, glad these soldiers belong to his allies whom also lower their blasters and enter in further to secure the room and also check on the various terminals there.
“Hope we can hold up till the fleet arrives,” Perry says to the squad leader.
The squad leader points out the window and replies in a professional way, “They already arrived and been fighting the Sapha'a ships”
Perry looks out the window and now just barely able to see the signs of space battle happening out there. He sighs again, feeling a weight left his shoulders now the plans have succeed so far.

Moving down the hallways of his home, Perry smiles as he is glad to be home. Though he feels bruises and small injuries as well as sore muscles from the space station battle that happened a few days ago, he is in a good mood. The battle for that space station was a success with the Sapha'a forces there killed or captured while few, if any, escaped. Now many of the Lamarian governments are actively tracking down Sapha'a forces. After the technicians had a day's time of testing and examining the shipyard, it was decided that it indeed is a previously unknown Gathial drydock but nowhere near having the capacity of performance as the mythical Gutherin Shipyards. Soon some that had did research found out a little known fact the Juresk system was used by the now-defunct Gathial Navy as a staging area for a good number of years, answering why this shipyards was there.
He stops briefly as his wife Betta comes to him and they kiss and embrace. They look in each other eyes as they are both glad to see each other. Breaking the silence between the two, Perry asks, “How is he?” referring to Sallus.
She replies as they start to walk down the hallway in directions towards the med center, “He woke up a few days ago and the med droid says he will have a full recovering but is still recovering in the med center. His wife, Thyone, showed up just a couple days after you left. She brought their son and daughter and has rarely left his side. Like Sallus, they have been quite courteous guests.” Delighted by the news, he walks with her his arm around her as she does the same, forgetting the pain of his bruises and injuries.
They finally let go of each other as they enter the med center to see Sallus awake but still laying on the bed smiling but clearly needing more time to recover. Sallus is holding the hand of his wife, a red-haired beauty whom is sitting by his side. Perry smiles and nods to Thyone in greetings then moves around to Sallus' other side to sit down on a chair. As Sallus smiles and looks at him, eager to ask how things went. Perry smiles back, takes a deep breath then starts to tell him, “Do I have a story to tell you, my friend..”
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