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Joined: May 19, 2015
Nick Name: Nilrem
Gender: Male
Country: United States of America
State/Province: NC
A retired Aerospace Fluid Power Technician and a disabled former enlisted combat Veteran of the USAF (1971-1979). I consider myself a professional video gamer respective to the PC. I play SWGemu, Diablo II and Path of Exile. I am a musician who has dedicated 40years to understanding a guitar. I modify and perform maintenance on electric guitars, motor scooters, bicycles, hot-rod vehicles used for drag racing, and anything else that catches my attention.

I share my Life with my family who lives near my home in NC. My adult son and I live in a house that sits on the border of the Southern Historical District of Wilmington NC : THE BOTTOM as it is listed on the City's Travel Map. I have two grandsons as a result of my adult daughter's marriage. That family lives far enough away to warrant careful consideration of the distance that traveling requires.

My time is mine to spend as I determine and it seems that I am busier presently than I was as a part of America's Work Force. My street tag is "Santy Claus" and my white beard is the root cause of that. I choose to be a helpful and attentive person when my help would be a positive addition.

"The stupid questions are the ones that are never asked." Wisdom is the condition that involves knowing the true names of things. The Three Main Things are: 1. never panic, 2. have hope in your heart and use it to help others, 3. have faith in yourself so that the Greater Power will offer you help in accomplishing efforts. Try to make everyday a Holiday and every meal a Banquet, because Happiness is about maintaining a Positive, Highly Motivated Attitude.
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The questions which are never asked are the stupid ones.